You don’t have to be an event planner to come across the word “catering.” At some point in time, you will host a social event. Whether it is a casual one like a birthday party or an official business conference, catering will be there. But what is it exactly? Catering is the provision of foods and drinks to event guests at a fee. In simpler terms, it is a business service that plans and implements the food aspect of an event.

Brief History

History has it that catering as a business dates back to 1770s, and it originated in the United States. As a matter of fact, Philadelphia was the base of the first ever catering recording. African-Americans were among the pioneers of catering business. After its invention, the business boomed and spread to other parts of the world, with 1900s as the climax of the boom period.

Convenience and Success

The largest part of catering business success lies in its convenience and demand. The term “catering” means service. Thus, the very meaning or nature of catering is premised on customer convenience. In this modern era, thousands of events take place in the world, usually in enclosed venues. The event guests tend to experience some form of inconvenience, especially when they get hungry. This inconvenience is one thing that puts catering on high demand.

Organised Service

When hosting an event, it is possible that the number of guests may be more than you expected. This is common, especially during funeral and wedding events. No matter how overwhelming the situation may be, it is always a good thing to maintain composure. Catering ensures that guests are served not just in an organized way but also professionally. Enough food is cooked in advance with the number of guests in mind. Therefore, whether you want to buy or sell catering services, one thing holds true: the service (catering) is great.