Whenever the term “casino” is mentioned, people tend to think of one thing: gambling. They are right. Baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and poker are just but a few types of games commonly enjoyed at the casino. And when you lose to the house (the odds are always against you), you need consolation. One source of consolation can be food. And you will not find catering only in parties and fashion events where celebs like Versace and family are present, casinos too have their share.

Typically, casinos offer full service catering alongside games, entertainment, seminar, and conference services. More information in this can be found at casinoguide.co.uk and other similar sites. As full service caterers, many casinos provide almost every food and drink for events hosted within their premises. You can order for custom –made foods because many casinos don’t allow food from outside. However, exceptions may be applied to particular events, including weddings (cake) and family traditions (traditional food).

Catering in casino may include the following:

1. Breakfast

Foods that may be served during breakfast include smoked fish platters and egg sandwiches. For a hot breakfast, a buffet containing scrambled eggs, sausage, or bacon can be ideal. Adding a fresh orange juice or fruit can be the best way to begin the day.

2. Lunch

A meat tray of roasted turkey, roasted beef, or corned beef served with salads and condiments is a suitable choice. For clients who may not be able to spare time for lunch, boxed lunches may be served. Vegetable and grilled chicken are also ideal choices for lunch-time guests.

3. Dinner

Hot entrees and whole carved turkey leaves guests with a wonderful experience. Hot entrees may include oven roasted potatoes, pulled pork, blackened salmon, roasted beef with gravy, roasted or baked chicken, and stuffed shells. The carved turkey can be served with gravy.

4. Desserts

These may include chocolate chip, homemade brownies, and oatmeal raisin. A meal cannot be complete without a dessert.