Have you ever been at a bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, gallery opening, business meeting, wedding reception, or seminar event? If you attended any of these events and had a tasty meal, if not tastier that foods found in the dining hotspots of your locality, then you have to thank the catering team that was present. Catering seems simple: you prepare food or a meal and serve it. Although this is the basic idea, there is more to catering- a whole lot more as a matter of fact.

Craigshall-cottage.co.uk takes you behind the scenes so that you can see what catering entails. Some people argue that catering has to satisfy the five senses: hearing, taste, sight, smell, and touch. Indeed, this is true. From a small birthday to big events such as business summits and team building, catering involves comprehensive preparation, creativity, teamwork, and cooking and serving equipment. In fact, food, which is the definite star in the world of catering, is only but a part of the equation (catering).

Navigating this website will help you to learn different types of catering, including wedding catering, social event catering, office catering, and concession catering. If you’re planning to wed, craigshall-cottage.co.uk has got you covered as it contains very informative content on various styles of wedding catering, such as plated meal, buffet, and cocktail. Plus, the website features almost all the questions you need to ask your caterer while waiting for your big day. And of course, if you haven’t heard something to do with catering in casino, you will get it here.